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Ultimate List Building & Marketing Package

Are you looking for an Awesome deal?

Keep reading to learn more and to receive your bonuses.

I have put together such a deal I don’t think anyone will be able to resist. Well maybe some of you.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Matt Austin. All of my friends call me Austin and if we ever meet in person you can too. I’m not going to go into too much detail about myself, it’s not that interesting and it’s not the point of this page. the point of this page to is make YOU money. What I will tell you is that I am an independent web developer. I’m not too much into graphics. I’m more of a straight to the point kinda guy. Give me lines of code and I’ll spend hours debugging. Not many people can do it. It’s soooo boring but it’s what I like.

This page is just that. To the point. I’m not going to waste your time (or mine) with visual effects to make this look like I spent thousands of dollars on it. Many of those so called gurus will mention in their web page how much they spend on building it when it’s probably an editor in WordPress like this one. I want this page to seem like I’m talking to you as if you and I were in the same room. I want to speak to you as if I already know you and I want you to feel like an old friend if we ever meet and shake hands.

If you have ever tried affiliate marketing you will find the most repeated phrase you will ever hear is “the money is in the list”. I heard and read it so often it was annoying. I tried to get into affiliate marketing years ago and I was a complete failure. I spent hundreds of dollars “trying”. Trying to learn how to do it. Trying to find the secret to making money online. Trying to find an offer that would be easy for me to refer others. I tried like hell to refer people into programs or interest them in a product but I SUCKED at referring people to anything. I couldn’t convince a thirsty man drink!

I never understood how someone could refer 20, 50, 100, or even 1,000 people to an offer. I knew someone was doing it because I receive so many emails daily saying the same thing. I wanted to refer people like me! Someone who spends money on advertising and actively markets an opportunity. People that took action! There are not as many people out there as I thought.

I was determined to change my life no matter what I had to do. I couldn’t be a cook for much longer. I had physical problems and pain that increased everyday – back, knees, hands – you name it. Plus I wanted to be able to provide for the ones I loved instead of being supported by them. I wanted to be the man who took care of his family!

Then one day, not too long ago, I saw an email about a new product that intrigued me. It touted being able to pull leads from Facebook without placing one single ad. I thought, that’s pretty cool if it’s true but how do you pull leads from Facebook without paying for ads?

I can’t tell you how it worked. That’s beyond my coding skills but I can tell you it worked! I added more people to my list in 30 days than I ever had before. In fact you probably saw it in action if you’re reading this page.

The programs I’m talking about are called Leadifly and Leadifly EPA.

What do they do?

Well Leadifly is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a Facebook sign in button on your page instead of an opt in form. This awesome piece of software allows your visitor to sign up to your list using the same email address they use to log into Facebook!

No more fake emails. No more bogus sign ups. REAL people! REAL email addresses! REAL leads!

The Leadifly EPA module simpy allows you to get paid $1 for each email you collect. A dollar may not seem like much but if you collect 10,000 email addresses that’s $10,000 in your pocket for doing nothing but clicking a button to turn it on. Can you say laptop lifestyle?

Ok. Enough BS. Now for the good stuff. Here is the Ultimate Leadifly Marketing Package!

This package includes:

  1. Leadifly – normally $97.
  2. Leadifly EPA – normally $97
  3. Leadifly reseller license – normally $97

A total value of $291 but you get all 3 for…


In order for Leadifly to work building your list you need a way to collect those emails right? So I’m going to include 20 of the most recent professionally designed PLR reports you’ll find online. These reports come complete with a series of email messages you can add to your autoresponder and start building your list.

A $540 value, included!

One of the problems that I have with all those other “offers” that I’ve seen is that they overburden you with a dozen or so reports as bonuses to entice you to buy. All those reports, “must see” vidoes and webinars would take hours to go through. Most of us won’t do it so they sit unused, unread and unviewed on our hard drive. Trust me I have literal GIGs of downloads on my computerS. Those marketers who just sold you that software or ebook have already made their money. They tell you simply advertise and you will succeed. What they don’t do is give you advertising to go with their package.

So what’s next? Now that you have your Leadifly software and your 20 PLR reports how is anyone going to know about them? Well I’ve also included an awesome traffic package to drive visitors to your pages.

These are manual upgrades at these sites. You will need to register at the link provided below or send me your username after purchase. I will update your account within 24 hours.

From Email My Ads you’ll receive:

    • Upgrade to Platinum
    • 50,000 Credits
    • 2 Solo Ads
    • 5 Banners Ads (1000 Views Each)
    • 2 Login Ads
    • 5 Link Ads (150 Views Each)

Total value: $197!

From Post Ads View Ads

    • Upgrade to Platinum
    • 50,000 Credits
    • 2 Solo Ads
    • 5 Banners Ads (1000 Views Each)
    • 2 Login Ads

Total value $167!

This is a list building and marketing power pack!

The total value for this package is over $1,195.

You get it all for just ONE payment of $59!

My friend said I was crazy to offer this kind of package at a price so low but I don’t care. If I can help you to make more money or make your first dollar then my job is done. I would be quick about getting this package if you are able because I will not keep it this low for long.

Buy Now only $59

Spoiler Alert!!

Before you click away from this page and dismiss this offer. I wanted you to know that I have an upgrade to this package that includes Gleads.

What is Gleads? Gleads does the same thing as Leadifly but uses Google. Now you can offer your visitors a choice of which email they give you offering them a better sense of security.

I packaged together Gleads and Gleads EPA along with even more great advertising and a special BONUS offer!!!

Would you like to see what it is?

Click here to learn more about THIS awesome offer!


No Thanks Austin I’m good for now but maybe later!
Just take me the downloads please.