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SociAutomate Pro – A real life experience!

I just purchased SociAutomate through an affiliate link on 11/30/17 and because I think the whole experience was bullshit this is my honest review of this software.

Looking at the initial sales page the copy is very enticing. I was drawn in easily by the thought of automating my social media advertising and campaigns. As would anyone. Look at these simple features:

  • With a few clicks of your mouse you’ll have images and videos posted to your own social media accounts ready to go viral
  • This is the easiest method for getting FREE traffic you’ve ever seen
  • Automate your entire social media content marketing plan
  • Never stress about creating our curating content ever again – It’s all done by SociAutomate while you sleep

However the problems started when I was taken through several levels of the funnel even after I kept saying NO! There was the initial sales page, then a follow up[ sales page, then a Pro Member sales page, then an Elite Member sales page, then a Platinum Member sales page, then a second Platinum Member sales page, then a Reseller sales page, then an Agency sales page. even after I kept clicking the link that said take me to my order I still had to be forced to see the rest of the sales funnel. So annoying!!!

After all that I still purchased the product.

I was excited to try out my new software that touted thousands of visitors to my links. Unfortunately when I accessed my purchase I was a bit dumbfounded. The training video was a video inside a video so the person was talking over someone else. Needless to say I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do.

I trudged on trying, once again, to figure it out. Connecting to Instagram was no problem. however trying to connect to Twitter and Facebook was complete BS!

If I’m supposed to be able to be able to grab content and traffic so easily from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram WHY does it take me 3 hours to figure out WTF you are talking about? Your systems are supposed to be so easy to use but you fail to realize that most of the people who purchase your products don’t know where to find their Twitter consumer key, or their Twitter consumer secret, let alone the access token and the access token secret. Are you F’in kidding me! What normal person understands WTF you are talking about!?! Where are the videos/training that show the CURRENT process for Twitter and Facebook? There are none.

If you want to connect this software to your SociAutomate account you need to create a new app by going to you then create your app then connect it to this software.

Another point that really kinda stuck with me was that the spokesperson threatened to blacklist anyone that requested a refund without a respectable reason. Screw that! I’ll refund this product simply based on the fact that I don’t like you or the way you present the product in the videos. I would think that rule #1 in marketing is don’t threaten your customers but who am I to say!

I like the concept of being able to automate my social marketing efforts but if you can’t produce a product that my kids can’t use then it’s not worth what you claim it is and for that reason I’ll take my money back, thank you.

IMHO – Do Not buy SociAutomate


I don’t have resell rights to this product but I’ll give you my copy for only $10! If you’re interested contact me.