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How I Increased My Opt-in Rate by 68% 
How I Increased My Opt-in Rate by 68%
  • Grow your list with REAL email addresses
  • You don’t need a budget for traffic
  • All you need is a Wordpress blog
  •   Get subscribers on autopilot

BUT keep reading to find out how you can get paid to use Leadifly

Hi, my name is Andy Firth, and six years ago when I was in my mid-thirties, I was hugely in debt and unemployed.

Having spent years trying to make a career as a musician, followed by a succession of tedious, underpaid office jobs, I had come to a critical point in my life, and things needed to change.

I knew that it was possible to make money online, but I didn't know how to go about it, so I tried just about every kind of marketing method that you can think of, most of which were a complete waste of time and money.

The niche that I chose to focus on, coupons/voucher sites, was and still is highly competitive, and getting traffic to begin with was a hard, uphill struggle.

I knew how important it was to build an email list, but I found it very difficult to get subscribers.

I wasted so much time and money on paid ads and marketing, only to see no results and no real income.

Does This Sound Familiar
Whatever niche you're in, having your own audience of targeted, engaged email subscribers is still the number one way to make money. With 92% of online adults using email, and 61% using it every single day, if you're serious about your business, you NEED to have an email list. 

The problem is that it's getting harder and harder to get opt-ins, as people become more and more wary of squeeze pages and lead magnets.
See How I Got 805 Brand New Subscribers
Into A Brand New Mailchimp Account In Just A Few Days
That's why I came up with a solution that allows me to get people opting into my list without them ever even having to enter their name or email address.

This simple idea has enabled me to add on average around 850 people to my list every week, boosting my opt-in rate by 68%.
Imagine What You Could Do With 850 New Subscribers Each and Every Week.
You could instantly use those new subscribers to increase sales of your products.

Just think how quickly your business would expand with 850 new pairs of eyeballs on your products each week!

Do you sell physical products?

If so, you can collect real emails of interested buyers, and easily follow up with them. Plus, because you have their REAL email addresses, you can be sure that your messages will go into their inboxes, meaning that you can start selling more products instantly.

Are you an affiliate marketer? 

Well, they say the money is in the list, and how much more money could you earn with an extra 850 subs each and every week?

The Potential Benefits of Using This New Software Are Huge.
Leadifly is a Wordpress plugin which allows you to create links or content which you can share anywhere online, in order to generate INSTANT leads.

The software connects directly to Facebook to retrieve your visitors' details, and as soon as they click confirm, they will be automatically added to your email list, before they are forwarded to the content that they wanted to access. 
Lock any kind of content on your site until the user opts in via Facebook, instantly adding them to your email list.
Create links to content ANYWHERE online that require Facebook opt-in, adding users to your list after they click.
Integrate it directly with a wide range of major email service providers, including MailChimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, Sendlane and Get Response.
Fully compliant with Facebook's terms of service, using the API exactly the way that it's meant to be used.
Your Facebook app requires no approval from Facebook and absolutely no experience is needed in developing. Even a complete newbie could do it.
The subscriber never feels pressurized into giving up his or her details, its all done behind the scenes from Facebook.
Just Take a Look at This Site Which I Recently Used Leadilfy On 
811 Subscribers In 120 Hours  
Here Is What Some Top Internet Marketers Had To Say After Testing Leadifly
"Simple, easy to use and perfect for turning website visitors into potential customers. Anyone who can post a link can now generate leads. Leadifly is a must for anyone who has struggled to build a responsive email list in the past."

Danny Walsh
Walsh Marketing
"anyone who can post a link can now generate leads"
"When a new piece of software like Leadifly comes along it's going to change the way that people think about lead generation. Whether you're a newbie or a marketing expert, a plugin like this is a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal."

Cindy Donovan
Covert Commissions | Wildfire Concepts
"a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal"
"This plugin is going to make it so much easier for anybody to add real, targeted leads to their list. Often the simplest ideas are the best, and the beauty of Leadifly is that by harnessing the power of Facebook, users are far more likely to opt in."

Abhi Dwivedi
VideoReel | Vega6 Webware Tech.
"harnessing the power of Facebook users"
"What's exciting about Leadifly is that you can turn any piece of content into a lead generating machine. The possibilities for growing your subscriber list are endless, and if you want to rise above your competitors, this is a plugin that you need. "
Matthew Neer
Viralism | Post Viral
"this is a plugin that you need"
I want you to understand why you need this software, and why it will help you improve your online marketing, bringing better results than you ever thought possible.
To be honest, my partners think that I'm crazy for selling this at such a low price, BUT I want to see some of you guys out there who are struggling like I once was, start getting the results that I am now.
Anyone can use Leadifly, all that you need is a Wordpress blog.
You don’t need a budget for traffic, and this software will instantly bring you better results with your existing visitors.
You can be sure you are getting REAL emails instead of fake ones.
Potential customers know & trust Facebook so you gain their authoritative trust.
Having Leadifly on your pages will grow your email list on autopilot.
Real email leads will help you market to your prospects better
To make this even more of a crazy offer I have put two real world bonuses for anyone who buys while the launch is on

These are worth $164 BUT you get them free and included if you buy today.
As an extra bonus, we are also including the Leadifly Notification Add-on which is worth $57.

Once your Facebook app is approved, this add-on allows you to send out Facebook notifications containing clickable links to all of your subscribers whenever you want, without having to pay for expensive email services.

You can also send your subscribers instant messages as soon as they join, so it's ideal for keeping people engaged and interested in what you have to say.

To make this a no-brainer for you, I have even included as a bonus my Email Scarcity timer.

This is a web application that lets you add timers right inside the emails that you are collecting with Leadifly. So you can add Scarcity to those emails and make sure your buyers are clicking.

This would normally sell at $97, but I'm including it today as a FREE BONUS for a very limited time only.

Here is our promise to you. Try the Leadifly risk free for 30 days and if it is not right for you then all you need to do is send us a support ticket and we will refund every penny of your purchase.

No questions asked...

No quibble...

Just a full refund...

With our 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



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