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Bitcoin Faucets

To begin, what is a bitcoin faucet? A bitcoin faucet is just as it sounds. It digitally drips small amounts of Satoshi into your wallet after verifying that you are human. Your Satoshi will be either held until you reach a cashout level (usually 2,000 Satoshi) or is sent immediately to your bitcoin wallet, a Satoshi wallet or a FaucetBox wallet. There are other types of wallets but these are the most popular.

The Satoshi  and FaucetBox wallets are created automatically and are linked to the Bitcoin wallet you used at the faucet box where you claimed your Satoshi. You will use your Bitcoin wallet address to check your balances at those sites. Once you reach your withdraw threshold your Satoshi will be automatically sent to your Bitcoin wallet.

Don’t have a Bitcoin wallet? There are many bitcoin wallets out there and you are free to look around. From what I have seen and have researched Coinbase seems to be the most popular. I have had other wallets and there doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference in confirmation times. Coinbase allows you to buy and sell Bitcoins which is a good feature since the coins go directly into your wallet.

So which faucets are the right ones and which ones should you avoid? There are probably thousands of faucets out there and trying to find the right one can be a daunting task. Below are the faucets I use on a regular basis. When I say regular basis I mean daily, some of them every other day at the least.