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WCX – The Next Coin In My Portfolio

Admin Dec 07,2017
WCX Global

Ever wish you had heard about Bitcoin when Bitcoin was only 0.01? Even if you had heard about it way back then would you have been interested or trusting enough to spend your hard earned money on a totally new concept? Not many people would have taken that chance, back then.

Fast forward a decade. Bitcoin is valued at over $5,000 and has made a lot of people VERY rich. Since then there have been dozens of cryptocoins that have popped up. Some have been successful and some haven’t.

What if you were able to get into a cryptocoin, like Bitcoin, on the ground floor? What if you found a new way to make money without having to spend a lot. It may not be a lot of money but the progression of the amount of money you can make can be staggering.

Have you ever heard of an ICO? An ICO is an Initial Coin Offering. Similar to a companys stock IPO (Initial Public Offering) an ICO is when a company releases coins to the public for sale. Many times you can get a steep discount on early bird action. Getting in and purchasing some coins before it goes public. Sometimes a company will add a bonus of coins when you make a purchase.

This is where it gets interesting. Lets say you have $10 to invest and a company is offering their coin at an ICO price of 0.01 plus you can receive 20% bonus if you purchase now. That means you will receive 100 coins for every $1 you spend and will receive 20 extra coins for each of those dollars.

For your small $10 investment you would receive 1200 coins! Now imagine if the value of those coins went as high as Bitcoin. Lets do the math on that one! 1200 coins with a value of $5,000 = $6,000,000!!! From just one $10 investment.

I’m not saying that there will be another coin that reaches the same value as Bitcoin but it could happen. There are dozens of coins being created every month, it seems. That’s a big number though, $6,000,000,  so lets be conservative with our estimations. Lets say the value of the coins only reach $10 in value that’s still $12,000. You could easily invest in other companies and coins and repeat the process. If you only found one coin a month to invest in and those coins only reached a valuation of $10 that’s an extra $12,000 per month! Would that help you?

I recently bought Electroneum coins. The company is almost done with their token sale and is set to have their ICO at the end of this month. With just a $16 investment I could earn $1600 if it goes to $1. I would have invested more but my Bitcoin is earning else where.

The next ICO I’m looking at is WCX. WCX is a Global Low cost Digital Currency Exchange. You will receive 50 WCX just for signing up! 50 WCX is only $5 but it’s still free money. The exchange pays WCX holders 20% of the fees they collect so you may want to hold onto some of your WCX.

Holding WCXT is like having a diversified portfolio of passive digital income.